RTL Support

Set the page direction to RTL

Jumbo React comes with RTL support.

In order to enable RTL direction for your app, follow the steps given below:

You can find the theme files inside the src/theme/ folder and then can select the defaultTheme.js file.


Inside the above file, you can find a constant object named defaultTheme. The object contains properties related to default values for the theme. One of these properties is direction property and there are two possible values for this property as specified below:

  1. "ltr" - To set the direction of your app from Left-to-Right.

  2. "rtl" - To set the direction of your app from Right-to-Left.

Now, to achieve the RTL direction for your app. You can set the value of the direction property to rtl and the same should reflect on your page when you refresh.

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