An overview about Jumbo 5.0

Jumbo is a complete React admin template based on Material Design Concept to help you build your React application faster and cost-effectively.

Jumbo uses the top-notch libraries and frameworks popular among the react developers community. Some of those popular libraries are Material-UI, Coremat-UI, Redux, ReCharts, AM-Charts and many more.

If you want a quick MVP, a solid product, or a quick turn around on your react projects. Jumbo covers these all for you. You can build any small to complex level application with Jumbo.

Even if you want to learn building a fully-featured app in React, the coding style, documentation standards, folder structure, and best practices followed in Jumbo along with 6 ready to go in-built apps can help you in your learning path.

Key Features

  • React Hooks based Template, no class components used.

  • Equipped with the latest technologies and third-party libraries.

  • Practically Unlimited ready to use components.

  • Special focus on Code Splitting and Re-usability.

  • Integrated with all leading third-party libraries.

  • Multi-lingual and RTL supported.

  • 100's of pages.

  • Pixel perfect design.

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